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 IJCSMC, Vol. 5, Issue. 5, May 2016, pg.394 Plant Disease ...
Engineering (IJECSCSE) Volume 1, Issue 1 [4] Geng Ying, Li Miao, Yuan Yuan &Hu Zelin[2008] A Study on the Method of Image Pre-Processing for Recognition of Crop Diseases, International Conference on Advanced Computer Control, 2008 IEEE.
Brain Tumour Extraction from MRI Images Using Image ...
Rajesh C. Patil, Dr. A. S. Bhalchandra International Journal of Electronics, Communication & Soft Computing Science and Engineering IJECSCSE @2015. 2. Ehab F. Badran, Esraa Galal Mahmoud, and Nadder Hamdy IEEE @2010.
Performance Analysis of Supervised & Unsupervised ...
SpringerLink. Search SpringerLink. Search. Home; Log in; Proceedings of the International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Signal Processing . ... (IJECSCSE) 2.1 (2012): 1. Google Scholar. 8. Cordier, Nicolas, et al. “Patch-based segmentation of brain tissues.” MICCAI Challenge on Multimodal Brain Tumor Segmentation. IEEE, 2013. 6–17.