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 Disease and Nutrient Deficiency Detection in Cotton Plant
Disease and Nutrient Deficiency Detection in Cotton Plant 1Ashish Miyatra, 2Sheetal Solanki 1M.E. Scholar, 2Assistant Professor ... (IJECSCSE) Volume 1, Issue 1. [9] Jaime Lloret , Ignacio Bosch , Sandra Sendra 1 and Arturo Serrano. “A Wireless Sensor Network for Vineyard
 IJCSMC, Vol. 5, Issue. 5, May 2016, pg.394 Plant Disease ...
Engineering (IJECSCSE) Volume 1, Issue 1 [4] Geng Ying, Li Miao, Yuan Yuan &Hu Zelin[2008] A Study on the Method of Image Pre-Processing for Recognition of Crop Diseases, International Conference on Advanced Computer Control, 2008 IEEE.
A Multivariant Stream Analysis Approach to Detect and ...
Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs) are rapidly gaining attention due to the diversity of services that they can potentially offer. However, VANET communication is vulnerable to numerous security threats such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Dealing with these attacks in VANET is a challenging problem. Most of the existing DDoS detection techniques suffer from poor accuracy and ...
 A Study of Segmentation Methods for Detection of Tumor in ...
A Study of Segmentation Methods for Detection of Tumor in Brain MRI 283 5. Fuzzy C-means Clustering Fuzzy C-means is an overlapping clustering technique. One pixel value depending on ... (IJECSCSE), Vol 1, Issue 1, 2011 [4] GauriAnandgaonkar, PoojaPatil, Prof .G. S. Sable, “An overview: Image
Image Processing - PowerPoint Slides
References: 8. Gurjar, Ajay A., and Viraj A. Gulhane. "Disease detection on cotton leaves by eigenfeature reg arization and extraction technique." International Journal of Electronics, Communication and Soft Computing Science & Engineering IJECSCSE) 1.1 (2012):1. 9.
 Brain Cancer Detection Using Matlab -
Brain Cancer Detection Using Matlab.pdf Free Download Here AUTOMATIC DETECTION AND SEVERITY ANALYSIS OF BRAIN TUMORS ... ...