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DR. SUBHA GANGULY - Group A Gazetted Rank Senior Officer ...
International Journal Of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, ISSN : 2350-0204 (Greentree Group, India) Nov 2014. Ayurveda for Cancer therapy World Journal Of Pharmaceutical Research (ISSN : 2277-7105) Nov 2014. Canine Diabetes Mellitus: Diagnosis, adequate care and overall management practices involved
International Scientific Indexing (ISI)
International Centre for Integrated Development Research: 213: JOURNAL OF CROP AND WEED: 1.246 (2013-2014) 1.437 (2014-2015) Applied for: Crop and Weed Science society: 273: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF AYURVEDA AND PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMISTRY 2350-0204 Greentree Group Publishers: Not Indexed: 2350-0204: Greentree Group Publishers: 279
International Journal Of Ayurveda And Pharmaceutical ...
E ISSN 2350-0204 International Journal Of Ayurveda And Pharmaceutical Chemistry Volume 7 Issue 3 2017 Greentree Group