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John Adedapo OJO - Google Scholar Citations
Their combined citations are counted only for the first article. ... face detection, recognition and tracking of black faces under real-life situations. ... One-sample face recognition using HMM model of fiducial areas. JA Ojo, SA Adeniran. International Journal of Image Processing (IJIP) 5 (1), 58, 2011. 6:
Face Recognition Using Hidden Markov Models - MAFIADOC.COM
P2D-HMMs are defined and implemented for face recognition , giving improved experimental results which indicate that the model benefits from using a more efficient 2D representation. Chapter 6 compares the HMM-based approach with the Eigenface approach.
Expression Recognition Using Elastic Graph Matching ...
Abstract. In this paper, we proposed a facial expression recognition method based on the elastic graph matching (EGM) approach.The EGM approach is widely considered very effective due to it’s robustness against face position and lighting variations.
A novel statistical generative model dedicated to face ...
In this paper, a novel statistical generative model to describe a face is presented, and is applied to the face authentication task. Classical generat…
 A Novel Approach To Track The Facial Image Forging Using ...
A Novel Approach To Track The Facial Image Forging Using Face Recognition Techniques P. 1Senthilraj , Dr. C. Parthasarathy 2, 1. Research Scholar, Department of Computer Science, SCSSVMV, Kanchipuram 2. Assistant Professor, Department of IT, SCSSVMV, Kanchipuram ABSTRACT In contemporary world, the technology is used more in fraudulent ways
 A New Approach to Partial Face Recognition
(SRC) approach is applied for face recognition a fast atom filtering strategy for MKD-SRC to address large-scale face recognition (with 10,000 gallery images). II. PROPOSED WORK In this paper, we present a general formulation of the partial face recognition problem. It do not require the presence of the eyes, face alignment or any other facial...