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 Int J Ayu Pharm Chem -
Int J Ayu Pharm Chem 2019 Vol. 10 Issue 3 120 [e ISSN 2350-0204] Int J Ayu Pharm Chem RESEARCH ARTICLE e-ISSN 2350-0204 ABSTRACT Rasahastra, is said to be a divine science in the field of Ayurveda. It is the science of making
Chhattisgarh Ayurved Medical College Rajnandgao | www.camc ... IJAPC Volume 11 Issue 1 2019,E ISSN 2350-0204. 3) Critical study of Dauhridajanya vicar W.S.R to Susruta Samhita and its Modern perspective. Review Article-World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science, volume 8 ,Issue,443-446 ISSN 2278-4357. Dr. MUKESH KUMAR BISEN (ASSOCIATE PROFFESOR-KAYACHIKITSA)