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[e ISSN 2350-0204] mirror of the Abbe’s Refractometer was adjusted to 45ᵒC. Then the sample of Taila (Oil) was inserted in the prism box by using a pipette. After analyzing each sample refractometer was cleaned with petroleum ether followed by the distilled water. Different color bands were observed in the right eye piece.
MIAR 2020. Information Matrix for the Analysis of Journals
ISSN: 2350-0204 0 journals. 2350-0204 IS NOT LISTED IN MIAR DATABASE. ISSN: 2350-0204 ICDS = 0.0. This ISSN does not appear in any bibliographic database or evaluation directory tracked by MIAR. Specialized databases (0/101) database found;
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Chhattisgarh Ayurved Medical College Rajnandgao | www.camc ... IJAPC Volume 11 Issue 1 2019,E ISSN 2350-0204. 3) Critical study of Dauhridajanya vicar W.S.R to Susruta Samhita and its Modern perspective. Review Article-World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science, volume 8 ,Issue,443-446 ISSN 2278-4357. Dr. MUKESH KUMAR BISEN (ASSOCIATE PROFFESOR-KAYACHIKITSA)
Dr. VAISHALI V NAIR - Kottayam, Kerala, India ...
Ayurvedic Management of Untoward Effects Of Inappropriately Processed Minerals and Metals (Rasaajeerna and Lohaajeerna) International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry (IJAPC), UGC No – 43112, ISSN 2350-0204, MNAPC-11-2-43, Vol 11 Issue 2, Page no 367-374 Sep 2019