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Journals - Business & Economics
Algerian Business Performance Review: Kasdi Merbah University of Ouargla: 2012: Algerian Review of Economic Development: Kasdi Merbah University of Ouargla: 2014: al-Manārah lil-Dirāsāt al-Qānūnīyah wa-al-Idārīyah: Dar Alsalam for Printing , Publishing , Distribution and Translation: - STEREOCHEMICAL ANALYSIS IN 22 ...
Vous êtes ici : Home Algerian business performance review AST Annales des Sciences et Technologie volume 1 numéro 1 AST 2006 STEREOCHEMICAL ANALYSIS IN 22-MEMBERED MACROLIDES BASED ON MOLECULAR MODELING. S. BELAIDI*a, A. DIBI b, M. OMARI c and T. LANEZ a
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Algerian Business Performance Review ABPR: eISSN: 1938-2170: pISSN: 1938-2170: JIFACTOR: Under Evalution Subject: Business and Management: Description Semi - annual academic journal published by the University Kasdi Merbah Ouargla It is interested mainly in studies, theoretical and practical researches related to the performance of ...
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DIXI. DIXI is a scientific, international, electronic, open access journal, reviewed by external peers (double blind), which covers the areas of…
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Algerian business performance review Journals-Ranking, Journal Name ISSN 1938-2170 Country ...
 . Economic Review Journal of Economics and Business, Vol ...
Brahim A. B., Riđić O., Jukić T.. /// Economic Review – Journal of Economics and Business, Vol. XIII, Issue 2, November 2015 after years of trying, we have been unable to generate an understanding of leadership that is both intellectually compelling and
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Algerian Business Performance Review ABPR Pakistan Journal of Food Sciences International Journal of Networking and Communication International Journal of Internet and Web Applications International Journal on E-Learning and Education International Journal of Artificial Intelligence International Journal of Information Systems
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مجلة آداء المؤسسات الجزائرية Algerian Business Performance Review, ABPR. الناشر : جامعة قاصدي مرباح ورقلة مكان النشر : ال...
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