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Journal: Algerian Business Performance Review ABPR
Journal description; Semi-annual academic journal published by the University Kasdi Merbah Ouargla It is interested mainly in studies, theoretical and practical researches related to theperformance of institutions, organizations, governments, and economic sectors at national, regional and international level
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Journal Name: Algerian business performance review : ISSN (P) 1938-2170: ISSN (O) Country: Al: Frequency: Bi-Annual: Journal Discipline : Economics and Business
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 . Economic Review Journal of Economics and Business, Vol ...
Brahim A. B., Riđić O., Jukić T.. /// Economic Review – Journal of Economics and Business, Vol. XIII, Issue 2, November 2015 after years of trying, we have been unable to generate an understanding of leadership that is both intellectually compelling and
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Algerian Business Performance Review ABPR Pakistan Journal of Food Sciences International Journal of Networking and Communication International Journal of Internet and Web Applications International Journal on E-Learning and Education International Journal of Artificial Intelligence International Journal of Information Systems
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journal name journal discipline first publication cif; bulletin of environment, pharmacology and life sciences: biological sciences : 2011: 2015 : 4.032 2018 : 4.638 international journal of scientific engineering and technology
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‪Université de Ouargla‬ - ‪gestion des entreprises‬ Les articles suivants sont fusionnés dans Google Scholar. Les citations de ces articles ne sont comptabilisées que pour le premier article.
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Published in: Algerian Business Performance Review - ABPR - No. 12 (December 2017): pp. 173-185. Melhem, Sadek and terraza, Michel and chikhi, Mohamed (2012): Cyclical Mackey Glass Model for Oil Bull Seasonal. Published in: The Journal of Energy and Development , Vol. 36, No. 2 (2012): pp. 165-178.